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The Magic & Adventure of Airplanes
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Airplane Camping on Texada Island
We're a non-profit organization that has been delivering entertaining aviation-themed programs for over 20 years. Whether you're an aviation enthusiast, a hope-to-be pilot, or just interested in doing something fun and out of the ordinary, you've come to the right place.

Explore the unforgetable sights, exotic locations, and unique experiences that aviation makes possible.
Take one of our free on-line courses, join us for a webinar, watch an adventure video or two,
earn your Co-Pilot's license, or join us for a flight.
Pictures, Videos, and Blogs
Visual stories of past Air Time Canada adventures. Whether you are planning to participate or just want to see other people having fun, these are worth seeing.
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Vancouver Adventures
Like everything else at Air Time Canada, it costs nothing to join us for a flying adventure.
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Courses and Mini-Courses
The free online courses and mini-courses are a fun way to learn about things around the cockpit or to earn your co-pilot's license.
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The Wandering Eye
Our sister-site, "The Wandering Eye", has a few well-written blogs of some exotic travel adventures where we included airplanes.
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We regularly put on live webinars. Topics like "Stories from the Tower" (misadventures in Air Traffic Control) to travel adventures.
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Airport tours, flying events, coffee get-togethers, guest speakers, and more ...
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We're a non-profit organization that delivers entertaining aviation-themed programs. We've graduated over 2000 "Co-Pilots" over the last 20+ years and facilitated almost 1500 free flights.
We are based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Flights and Events take place in other locations as well.