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The Magic & Adventure of Airplanes
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Co-Pilot Course

You'll be inspired, challenged, and entertained while earning the much-sought-after Air Time Canada Co-Pilot's License. Even though it's an on-line course, there is group-work, games, indoor and outdoor exercises, an optional field trip, and on-line simulations. You’ll be working in teams, in pairs, and individually.
Our grads agree: Testimonials
I earn a Co-Pilot's License?
Yes, but it doesn't mean that you can then run out and get a job flying jets for Air Canada. It does mean, however, that you are eligible for a Free Flight where you can put your co-pilot's license to use flying a plane, talking with air traffic control, and following airport and cockpit procedures.
A Free Flight? Tell me more.
We operate a 'registry' that matches Air Time Canada grads with pilots and organizations that can offer the free flight. These flights are typically around 30 minutes and are paid for entirely by the volunteer pilots and non-profit organizations that run them.
The free flights are optional, of course, and are conducted on a first-come, first-served basis from the registry. We cannot guarantee how quickly your name will come up - especially considering how often Vancouver weather results in rescheduling. But if you're patient, and willing to be flexible with your schedule, you will get your chance at the controls.
Is it safe?
Aviation Safety is what Air Time Canada is about, and we take it very seriously. We make sure our volunteer pilots are well trained and regularly reviewed. All aircraft are certified and maintained to the highest standards. And flights are operated with full support from Transport Canada Air Traffic Services.
However, if you split a gut from laughing too hard during the class .. well, you take your chances.
Can anyone participate?
We generally restrict the co-pilot program to those aged 13 or older. We offer different courses, conducted in a school setting, for those as young as 8.
Some Co-Pilot Classes are organized by specific groups and are not open to the general public.
Tell me more about the class.
We cover aviation basics, airport procedures, radio communications, and the low-down on operating some of the aircraft instruments. The course is a combination of on-line video's, live-on-line presentations, reading, games and exercises. It will take a total of 10 to 12 hours to complete - but it isn't self-paced, in that for some portions you have to wait till the next live-on-line session.
What kind of aircraft do we fly?
It depends on which organization or pilot offers you your free flight. Most operate the ubiquitous Cessna 172 (also known as a Skyhawk).
It is a 4-place high-wing piston-powered aircraft with one of the best safety records of any civil aviation aircraft in the world.
It cruises at almost 200 KPH, at altitudes up to 4000 meters, and has a range (with reserves) of over 800 KM.
How much does it cost?
The course is free.
You will need to supply your own computer with a relatively modern browser and a decent internet connection.
In a couple of cases, you will also need access to a printer.
An iPad or Android tablet can also be used, but a smart-phone will generally not work.
How do I sign up?
Air Time Canada courses are only available to members. Memebership is free. You need an 'account' with us in order to keep track of your course progress, earned licenses and badges, and to access the booking system. Your information is kept completely confidential and not shared with anyone or used for any purpose other than administration of the program.
If you are logged in to your Air Time Canada account, you will see a red 'REGISTER' button below. If you don't see that button, please Login or Create an Account and return to this page.

I still have questions.
Contact Janine by email: janine@airfun.org
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We're a non-profit organization that delivers entertaining aviation-themed programs. We've graduated over 2000 "Co-Pilots" over the last 20+ years and facilitated almost 1500 free flights.
We are based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
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