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Co-Pilot in a Day

Exciting    Interactive    Educational    Fun    Empowering    Engaging
Earn an Air Time Canada Co-Pilot License in this highly charged, fun, and motivational 1-day course. You'll learn the basics of airplanes, how to talk with Air Traffic Control, cockpit procedures, and basic airport operations. Includes an optional free flight.
All Teens & Adults Welcome (no flying experience needed)
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My name is Janine
Please feel free to email me
if you have any questions.
Public Classes for 2015 to be scheduled soon.

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We're a non-profit organization that delivers empowering and entertaining aviation-themed leadership programs
on a cost-recovery basis. We've graduated over 1900 "Co-Pilots" over the last 20 years and facilitated almost 1500 free (optional) flights for teens and adults.
Is the program still free?
Flights are still free (no strings attached). Due to changes in sponsorship rules, we now charge a nominal fee for the classroom portion.
Please note: Air Time Canada reserves the right to refuse admission with the sole remedy of refunding the full cost of the class.

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