Privacy Policy
In Plane English (Pun Intended)
Any personal information we collect on our web site will be used by us only. We don't share your personal information with anyone - not even the sponsors of the program.
We do share some things - mostly statistical (ie: 60% of our participants are female), but never in a way that can identify you individually.
Your Email Address: Is absolutely, never, under any circumstances (except, I suppose under court order) shared with anyone. Not even the other people in your class. Period. End of story. No exceptions.
Application & Registration Data: Rest assured -- there is no nefarious motive behind any information we collect. :-) You won't be receiving junk mail or spam. No Encyclopedia Salesman is going to appear at your door, and United Airlines isn't going to be calling to offer you a job flying 747s (sorry). Sponsors do not see this information. It is used only by us (or our computer when matching you up with a class or flight).
Here is what will happen with your specific information:
Full Name : This is the name that will appear on your co-pilots license. If we have to mail that license to you (and you provided an address) this is the name that will be on the envelope. Also, Transport Canada requires that we provide your name (and weigh) on the passenger manifest. Note: in 20+ years of producing these manifests, Transport Canada has never asked to look at it.
Email Address : This is the main way that we communicate with you: You'll receive course information, Class or Flight Details (when, where, how to get there, what to bring, how to dress, food details, car pooling, ..), and any site updates you've asked to be notified about.
Birthday : Since many classes and activities are age dependant, it seemed prudent to have your birthday on file. Transport Canada requires that we maintain a "manifest" of flight passengers. Your birthdate is part of your identification in this context. It is only shared with Transport Canada if they ask for it (they never have in 20+ years). Age information is also shared (statistically) with sponsors. ie: "35% of our participants are between the age of 25 and 39".
Weight : Transport Canada regulations require that a weight & balance calculation be done for every flight. This is not only a legal issue, but a critical flight-safety issue. Please enter your fully-dressed weight here. Don't enter your naked-weight unless you plan on coming on your flight naked.
Gender : No .. we don't discriminate on the basis of gender. Having the stats (ie: "60% of our participants are women") is the kind of thing sponsors like to know.
Telephone Numbers : For us to contact you only. We re-confirm the weather for flights this way and also organize car pools, last-minute cancellations, etc this way.
Address : Transport Canada (well .. actually the National Transportation Safety Board if you want to be specific) requires that we be able to 'identify' the people onboard aircraft. Your address is part of your identity in this context.
Guardian : We only need this if you are under 18 - because your Guardian has to provide consent for you to fly. Note: We don't need a waiver, only consent.
Information Shared with Sponsors: Our sponsors want to be sure that we're not spending their money on beer. We give them a warm-and-fuzzy feeling, without compromising your privacy, by sharing a limited amount of information with them:
Your FIRST Name (not your last name or even last initial)
Your Age (if that was one of the sponsor's criteria)
Your Gender (again, if that was one of their criteria)
The City where you live (not your address, only the city)
If a class has special criteria (ie: single-moms only) then we also include a statement to that effect.
Sponsors are not permitted to contact you - and are never given your contact information. They may include a leaflet in your class materials, and sometimes put a poster up in the classroom. Sponsors are not permitted to advertise on our web site, but they may sometimes include an advertising image as part of our online courses.