The Magic & Adventure of Airplanes
Back-Seat Pax enjoing the ride
Co-Pilot in a Day
No Experience Needed!
Step 1
A short laugh-till-it-hurts class
Step 2
Get a Co-Pilot's License
Step 3
Fly a Plane!
Free? Really?
Yes. Really. Over the past 25 years we've
facilitated over 1800 of these free classes
and flights. The program is paid for by
sponsors and volunteer pilots.
I earn a Co-Pilot License?
Yes ... but it doesn't mean that you can go get a job flying jets for Air Canada. It does mean that you get a Free Flight where you can use the license to fly a plane, talk with air traffic control, and follow airport and cockpit procedures.
Tell me about the flight
We'll do better than that. Here is a 2-minute video of Co-Pilot Grad Jen on her first Flight.
What's the catch?
There really isn't one. There's no spam, no pressure to buy anything (we don't have anything for you to buy). We don't work on behalf of any flying schools. Nobody is going to ask you for any money. The only expenses are your own transportation to/from the airport and lunch (unless you bring your own).
Where does this happen?
We're based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Most classes and flights are in the Lower Mainland, but there are also some in other parts of BC.
I want to know more
Check out our Home Page to find out more about Co-Pilot in a Day and all the other free programs that Air Time Canada offers.
if you have questions, email Janine. She will be happy to answer them:
How do I sign up?
Just enter your name and email address below, and we will send you a registration kit. It's completely confidential. You can also just email Janine (see the link above) and ask for the kit.
You can also find more details at the Desktop Site
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