August 17 and 18, 2019
Airplane Camping on Texada Island / Gillies Bay

Four people, a dog, two tents, and camping supplies ... all in a Cessna 172 for a weekend getaway of Airplane Camping.
How cool is that?


Our flight path from Pitt Meadows to Gillies Bay on Texada Island.

James took over flying the plane over Port Moody, early in the flight, and took us all the way to Gillies Bay.

Alana doesn't see too worried that James is flying the plane.

The moment when James takes over the controls. (click the play button)

The Gillies Bay airport is just a clearing in the miles and miles of surrounding forest.

A few sights from the outbound flight - Pitt Meadows to Gillies Bay. (click the play button)

James and Alana stayed behind to set up the tents while David flew back to Pitt Meadows to pick up the rest of the party.

James makes quick work of putting up his and Alana's tent. (click the play button)

A short walk down the hill took us to a spectacular private beach with clear warm water, soft sand, and lots of sea creatures.

After the beach, we returned to our camp site to prepare our dinner.

We sent our hunting dog out to catch us a chicken.

After dinner James and the ladies went into the woods to collect firewood. Who do you think should win the firewood-collecting badge?

We didn't have enough patience to wait for dark before starting the marshmallow roasting.

Zeus in the morning, still wearing his Eeyore blanket to keep him warm at night. Looks to me like he's ready to get it off now.

We forgot to bring coffee filters, so we used David's T-Shirt. Apparently it made for great coffee, but now there is an unfortunate brown stain right where the back of the shirt covers his rear.

Janine made syrop for our pancakes using hand-picked blackberries ...

... end everyone very-much enjoyed our breakfast of camp-stove pancakes.

A few sights from the flight back to Vancouver.
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