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A mad-dash to the BC Interior, quick 2-hour turn-around, and back home for dinner
January 22, 2021

We weren't sure we would be able to pull it off. We arrived at Pitt Meadows to thick ice-fog and an airplane covered in hard frost. After a couple of hours of de-icing, we were about to give up and put her away when the thick fog suddenly disappeared - revealing a stunningly clear day.

But we were running short on time. We needed to make the round trip before it got dark. So we decided to skip the usual Canyon route and go direct - right over the mountains.

Departing Pitt Meadows directly towards the Coast Mountains. Hard to believe that 30 minutes ago the visibility was 1/4 mile in ice-fog!

It was one of the smoothest flying days we've ever experienced. Just magical. But those mountains are darn high! We weren't able to climb directly at them - they went up faster than we could. We had to go off course for a little while before we were high enough to get across.

Flying over the first of the Coast Mountains. We were at about 8,000 feet. Had to climb higher a little further along.

By the time we were crossing over Harrison Lake, we were up at 10,000 feet. Some of the mountain peaks were still less than 2000 feet below us. It was a spectacular, awsome, sight.

Crossing over Harrison Lake, about 20 minutes into the flight. That is a very "fluffy" looking mountain top. :-)

Each way took about 90 minutes. Without our little plane it would have been 5-hours each way. I'm SO glad we could do it by air instead.

The first awe-inspiring peak of the Coast Mountains. We had to get permission from Vancouver Terminal to get high enough to cross.

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