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Flight to Echo Valley
On April 19, 2019 we flew to the Echo Valley Ranch & Spa - deep in the interior of BC. The ranch is located in the mountains, about an hour's drive from Clinton BC - with half that along a dirt road.
But getting there by light-plane is the way to go. They have a private paved runway there, and the flight from Vancouver takes about 90 minutes along the spectacular scenery of the Frazer Canyon.

Here are some of the highlights and pictures of our trip and the ranch.

Just West of Chilliwack, the Tulip Festival was going on. This is one of two large
Tulip producers in the area. Now I know what a Tulip Field looks like from the air.

Lytton BC is half way up the Fraser Canyon on the way to Lillooet. In the center bottom is the
old Lytton Runway (now closed). We're looking East here - down the Nicola Valley, which leads towards Merritt.
There is no fuel at Echo Valley, so we decided to stop in Lillooet to fill up. We wanted the option of
flying home from the ranch without having to stop again. Lillooet has a very pretty airport.
This was taken from overhead Lillooet, looking West towards Seton Lake. We circled overhead the city to
gain altitude because there was a pretty high mountain ridge to the North that we needed to cross next.

This is the approach to the runway at Echo Valley Ranch. You can't tell in the picture,
but that runway is seriously up-hill from this end. We only needed about 1/4 of it to stop.
Echo Valley Ranch is beautiful! And quiet! It's 30 minutes by
dirt road to the nearest community and there is no cell service.
One of the many out-of-the-ordinary things that guests can do at the ranch is to
take the pigs out for their daily walk. How many people do you know that have done that?
While walking in the woods, on one of the many trails through this area, we came across this flock of wild turkeys.
Later we found them (or another flock?) wandering around on the runway. Good to know.
The many private cabins on the site offer spectacular accomodations. This is one of the "Thai" themed rooms.

The price includes 3 meals a day, served in the common dining room and specially prepared by "Chef".
What you see below as lunch. It was fabulous! Worth writing home about (which, I suppose, is what I'm doing).

The Nufi fishing and hunting guide (with his thick Newfoundland accent) taught us how to fly cast at one of the on-site lakes.
He will happily take you hunting as well if you like. Or off-roading. Or canoeing. The list goes on ...

Of course it wouldn't be a proper ranche without horseback riding.

This is "Norm" - the owner of Echo Valley Ranch - beside his snazzy Cessna 206. Norm and his Thai
wife originally purchased the Ranch as a place to live. Now it's a Thailand-themed mountain ranch.
The minimum stay at Echo Valley is 2 nights. And one needs it. There is a lot to see and do.

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