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Rugged Revelstoke
Summer flying-tour of BC and Alberta - Days 1 and 2
August 13 and 14, 2020
The Revelstoke Airport is a man-made peninsula that juts out into the Columbia River
Flight to Revelstoke
Great scenery and our plane got to hang out with the Snow Birds.
We flew the Fraser Canyon route to Revelstoke, with a stop for fuel at Kamloops.
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A few of the sights along the flight to Revelstoke - click on the picture to the next one. There are 4 in total.
The FBO that fueled us up in Kamloops kicked us out as soon as they heard there was a jet coming for fuel. Snobs! :-) We were told to go park in the back, which was actually pretty cool, because we got to park with the Snow Birds.
GGCN parked with the Snow Birds at Kamloops Airport
Downtown Revelstoke
Indian Food with a German Twist? Anyone?
Revelstoke has a pretty quaint little downtown area, tucked right up against some pretty majestic mountains. Among the many restaurants is Paramjit's Kitchen, which serves Indian/German/Thai fusion.
Typical scene in Downtown Revelstoke.
Indian/German/Thai Fusion. Among the items on the menu was: "Butter Chicken Schnitzel. If it wasn't for all the onions, I would have tried it.
Airport Boating
An alternate way to cool off on a hot day
One thing we've never done before is go "boating" at an airport. The Revelstoke Flying Club President, who happens to live on the field, offered us his kayak and paddle-boat. I opted for the paddle-boat because I didn't want to get wet. Of course I did get wet anyway. I slipped on the mud bank and went in the moment I pushed the boat off the shore.
Winston the dog wanted to come too, but he wasn't allowed. This is just before I fell in.
We paddled the lenght of the runway. No, I didn't make Janine do all the work. I helped too. I steered.
The little lake formed by the man-made runway-peninsula is home to turtles. Apparently they can often be seen crossing the road from the airport to the woods North of it. We saw a couple in the water, but none crossing the road.
Why did the turtle cross the road? To get from the airport to the forest. Obviously!
Early Morning Departure
Revelstoke was the first stop on our aerial tour of BC and Alberta. The next leg was Creston for breakfast and fuel, then Cranbrook for the night. We needed to get an early start to beat the heat - otherwise our poor little plane would have trouble climbing high enough to get through the mountain passes.
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Early morning at Revelstoke airport. GGCN with Mount Begbie in the background.

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