Co-Pilot Class Pre-Work
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One of your duties as Co-Pilot will be operation of the Aircraft Radios and Communication with Air Traffic Control (ATC).
During Ground School you'll learn the phraseology and procedures to use with ATC. The very basics of these procedures is to know the 'Phonetic Alphabet' - specific words that we use in place of letters.
For example: instead of saying 'B' (which can easily be confused for 'E' or 'D'), we say the word 'Bravo' when speaking with ATC.
ICAO - an organization that sets international aviation standards - gives us an 'official' phonetic alphabet that is used throughout the world for all kinds of radio communications, from aviation to police, military, and marine.
Click on the picture below to watch (and listen to) a 3-minute video about the ICAO Phonetic Alphabet. After watching the video go to the next page and print-out your ICAO Phonetic Alphabet Reference card.

Click on image above to watch the video.
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